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To: Dover District Council

Reopen the Regent

Reopen the Regent

I/we, the undersigned, want to see the former Regent Cinema in Deal reopened as a cinema for the benefit of the residents and visitors, as was intended when Dover District Council originally sold the building, and call on Dover District Council to use the legal powers available to it to reopen the Regent as a cinema and community venue.

Why is this important?

This important building is rotting, its building use restrictions are being flouted, and many local people are keen to see a cinema open in Deal once more. The building was purposefully sold at a low price with the proviso it would be made into a cinema - not flats or a restaurant as per the current plans (not yet officially submitted).


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Reasons for signing

  • A beautiful building which deserves to be given another chance to entertain the people of Deal.
  • don't lose another community asset
  • This is a lovely original building that is sadly just sitting there empty. This could be a lovely Art House cinema that would definitely suit the area.


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