To: Glasgow city council

Resident parking spaces and junction box in Killin drive

Resident parking spaces and junction box in Killin drive

A yellow junction box at the end of killin drive to make life easier on the little disabled boy who lives there!
A single yellow line or resident parking bays on Killin Drive
Reduce the speed to 10mphs

Why is this important?

People block up our street so much that an ambulance wouldn’t get in for the severely disabled child living in a house at the end.
Parking for the people who actually live there not people visiting Academy house offices. Reduced speed limit to stop them speeding through street before someone is knocked down!

G32 9ay

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Reasons for signing

  • I have signed this as I have friends in area who struggle 2 park or get out their drives due 2 cars owned by people who don't live in street or know any1 in the street
  • i signed because i have family living here and its shocking that people that work in academy house dont want the bother of parking in academy house car park i think the gates should be open in academy street to stop this ive watched people struggle to come out their drives because of the cars parked there, its like the whacky car races at times and an accident waiting to happen , if the gates in academy street were open it would save all this
  • This a nytmare when ppl work shifts! Unable to get parked near the house - total hazard at times with the volume of traffic. Academy House should never have been shut off!


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