To: PM Theresa May

Return all victims of Grenfell Tower Communities back into the RBKC, Now and not in years to come.

Return all victims of Grenfell Tower Communities back into the RBKC, Now and not in years to come.

1- Stop breaking up the "Grenfell Tower" community by sending the survivors and the victims out of the area and into places outside London.
2- Returning All the survivors back and closer to the community RBKC
3- Pledge that the gentrification of Ladbroke - Grove and the whole of the UK will not be at the cost of class and ethic cleansing, the criminal and blatant discrimination mistreatment of residents in social housing and government assisted accommodation.

Why is this important?

After an incident of this magnitude survivors and victims must to be close to the people they know and the community they belong to. Being close is the only way the survivors can benefit from the immediate support individuals in the community, multi faith groups, independent business, and charities, have put together in support of all.

Legal support is of paramount importance. Information is almost fresh on the hour.
Survivors must be informed of their legal rights the dos and the dont's that may not benefit or may affect their choices later.
By moving the survivors and victims far from their community they will be made more vulverable and are more likely to take settlements they will later regret.

Signs of trauma are already evident throughout the community.
Trauma is a serious situation and nothing more healing than be closer to those you know and can care for all with love and empathy.

Theresa May must
1- make all forms of social and ethic cleansing illegal and a form of human rights abuse.

2- make illegal for all the advocates of real estate to refer to the dwellers of council towers and social housing as a treat and as undisarables. Such must be recognised as hate speach and must be made illegal.

3- End the long standing pressure imposed by local Estate Agent on the local Council to cleanse Ladbroke Grove ( and other parts of the country) of people living in social housing. This must be recognised as a form of hatred and must be made illegal.

CLASS AND RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, RACIAL AND CLASS PROFILING IN PERIOD OF CRISES such as Grenfell Tower Fire must be recognised as a human right abuse and crime against humanity.

Lived together
Killed together
Surviving together
Ladbroke Grove belongs to all...the poor, the rich, the lazy and the hard working classes.

How it will be delivered

To number 10

Reasons for signing

  • It's the people land not the developers
  • Dividing a community In a moment of crises such as the Grenfell Tower fire is not humane, it should in fact become a legal issue with criminal implications to the government, housing management and local authority.