To: The justice minister and care commission.

Review of the healthcare in private Scottish prisons.

Review of the healthcare in private Scottish prisons.

I am asking for an independent organisation, not linked to or subcontracted by these "Justice services" to carry out a full and detailed investigation, involving the prisoners and their own personal healthcare experiences, or lack of due to negligence, to give the justice minister an insight into how the private sector judicial systems healthcare is not fit for purpose and needs to be re-evaluated as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

I, and many others are disheartened by the appalling healthcare standards in Scottish prisons, in particular, private prisons. Prisoners are there to be punished, not tortured and deprived of basic healthcare needs. Poor reaction time to prisoners pressing call buttons requiring urgent medical assistance. Prisoners left in excess of two months without their regular medication, and in excess of four weeks to be seen. Epilepsy sufferers deprived of their medication and left having seizures in their cell untreated by medical staff.

The care commission have refused to investigate, or conduct a review.

This petition is important to highlight the faults in prison healthcare and how it can cause deterioration to a prisoners wellbeing, this not only abuses their right to healthcare but abuses human rights.


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Reasons for signing

  • Terrible what some people go threw to get the healthcare they need


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