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To: Theresa May

Revoke the rape clause and 2 child limit to tax credits.

Revoke the rape clause and 2 child limit to tax credits.

Reverse changes in tax credits and universal credit that limit support to low income families to the first two children and immediately withdraw the rape clause. Every child deserves the right to basic support.

Why is this important?

Child poverty is leading cause of poor life chances and without the vital support of tax credits and universal credit child element many children will suffer hunger, social exclusion, deprivation. These policies unfairly attack women and children and cut the link between need and social security.

Reasons for signing

  • It is an absolute joke that anyone should be told how many children they are aloud. My child had a dairy intolerance & I am currently trying to wean him which is costing me an absolute fortune. This rubbish needs sorted!
  • Disgusting
  • I think every child has a right


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