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To: The Government and Business owners

Rid the UK of the Gender Pay Gap

We want anti-discriminatory legislation and transparency around wages to dissolve the gender pay gap and create true equality for men and women in the UK.

Why is this important?

It is important so that our daughters know that when they study, work-hard and contribute to society in the same way as their male counter-parts, they are not penalised for the sex they happen to be.
In today's, modern, inclusive society where anti-discriminatory practice is common-place, we believe it is the Conservative Governments duty to implement equality of pay, regardless of sex. The gender pay gap currently resides at 10%, meaning men earn 10% more just for being men. How can we hope to encourage more women into Government and the boardrooms of the country when the pay gap exists on top of the many other barriers to success women may face?
Sign our petition to give women true equality in the work-place.

United Kingdom

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