To: Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP

Rt. Hon. Kevin Barron MP to actively fight against fracking

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Rt. Hon. Kevin Barron MP to actively fight against fracking

We seek for Sir Kevin Barron to be brought in line with current Labour policy and actively fight the threat of fracking within his constituency. His efforts to date are considered to be simply playing on the periphery of the issue, to appear interested to his constituents, but without the focus required to achieve true impact. Since he is representing one of the few constituencies currently threatened with fracking, we believe he needs to participate in efforts to block the local planning applications, and drive the issue at a national level.

Why is this important?

A recent survey within Sir Kevin Barron’s constituency showed 90% were against fracking. The environmental and health implications of fracking are well documented, and the UK is not reliant on it for future energy needs. Should this level of inactivity continue then, by signing this petition, we commit to vote against your party at the next opportunity unless a more proactive successor is appointed.

How it will be delivered

In person to Jeremy Corbyn


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Reasons for signing

  • Carbon fuels have damaged the planet for 200 years - Time to say Goodbye
  • Our green belt must be protected for all future generations
  • I am worried about the health of the children being jeopardised by all the pollution caused by fracking


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