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To: City of Edinburgh Council Planning Sub-Committee

Save 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge

Save 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge

Refuse planning permission to demolish the traditional single-storey building at 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge

Why is this important?

The traditional single-storey building at 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge has found a place in the hearts of locals and visitors to the area, serving as an attractive and popular hub for social life around a busy junction. The proposed redevelopment would loom, large and awkward, amongst the lovely older properties around the junction and bridge, destroying the harmonious character of the area.
The current structure allows views of a corner turret, the greenery in the valley of the Water of Leith, plenty of sky and an interesting skyline.
The City of Edinburgh Council Guidance on Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas February 2014 states that demolition will only be acceptable in a conservation area if the new development preserves or enhances the area – in the eyes of signatories, this is blatantly not the case in this instance.
Note, if permission to demolish is refused, the redevelopment, as approved, will not be able to proceed.

Canonmills, Edinburgh

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Reasons for signing

  • I think it's very important to make sure that we don't lose any more of our older and interesting buildings.
  • I think it would be horrible to replace these pieces of architecture and history that have been there for so long with big, cheap concrete blocks that will probably be tumbling down in a couple of years and also damaging the landscape and nature around them. It's like the 1960's all over again!
  • Buildings like this should be saved for future generations surely after all the photos we've saw on lost Edinburgh we should know better!!


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2015-06-18 00:31:50 +0100

We're delighted by the interest in the campaign!
The demolition of 1-6 Canonmills is likely to be on the planning sub-committee agenda on 27 July or 12 August, hence, we're gearing our efforts in advance of 27 July.
Next weekend (27th/28th June) we intend to have a presence around the junction, gathering signatures and capturing reactions to the development on film.
We're looking for volunteers to gather signatures/chat to folk around the junction. Join us? Sign up:
We hope to have a small banner for the railings and badges too...
Garden Social, Sunday 28th, 3 – 6pm, join us for cake and refreshments in the garden at 53 Warriston Crescent. We’re looking for donations of cakes – might this be your contribution to the campaign?
When the proposal hits the planning sub-committee agenda, we will request a deputation to the meeting. We will also submit hard copies of our petition and a list of the online signatures

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