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To: Marvin Rees, Bristol City Mayor

Save All Hallows Hall

Update: 18.7.16

Great news! All Hallows Hall is now recognised as a community asset.

Save All Hallows Hall

We want Bristol City Council to support the application to make All Hallows Hall a community asset.

Why is this important?

All Hallows Hall (AHH), a vibrant community hub in Easton in Bristol, is under threat from closure from it's current owner. That's why we are calling on the Bristol City Council to support our application to turn All Hallows Hall into a community asset and thereby protect it for use by the community. Without this protection, All Hallows Hall, a fantastic Grade 2 listed building, risks being turned into flats, or lost completely.

Run by volunteers, the site has been transformed over four years from a derelict eyesore to become a venue that has had 25,000 people visit to enjoy live music, theatre, circus performances, markets, art installations, and more. It's a venue that has become a space for community groups to run clubs and activities - from Aikido to choirs.

"I am just one of thousands that has been positively effected by the hall presence. It has given me a place to offer inner city young adults free drama training through Tank Theatre and the now legendary M.C.Beth performances. And it continues to support these and other emerging artists by offering us free and cheap rehearsal spaces. It is vital and the only space in Easton where Theatre and Circus can thrive."
Dave Lovatt, Theatre Director

Please help us save this beautiful building that provides a vital community resource for the future use of the people of Easton and Bristol.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

For more information on the different ways you can help support AHH please visit

To check out our current program of events visit:

All Hallows Hall, All Hallows Road, Bristol

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Reasons for signing

  • With out venues, like these around, the country we will loose, our young & olde, tallent for without stubbington community centre, in hampshire, I'd not have had the confidence, todo, the things I did with-out that start.
  • Visited the hall during the All Hallows Festival in June, and enjoyed the stalls and space. It's a community asset that should be preserved.
  • Easton does not need any further stripping of community assets, buildings and land for private profit


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