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To: Councillor Jenny Mein

Save Barrowford Library

Save Barrowford Library

Do not close or re-locate Barrowford Library. Nor replace it with voluntary service.

Why is this important?

Barrowford Library is an active and much-needed resource, with users ranging in age from the very young to the very elderly. A dedicated and professional library service is a must in any civilised society and the scale of cuts proposed to Lancashire's library facilities are unacceptable.

The library has regular reading and dedicated events for children and a variety of library-based activities for locals. The removal of the library and sale of the building would mean that there are no other community spaces to do these activities. Once removed these facilities will not be replaced. Barrowford is a growing community and should not be deprived of a library.

Barrowford, Lancashire

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Reasons for signing

  • iy is very much needed for all young and old for extra educational process
  • I have taken both my grandchildren to the pre school group each week.It is a great environment to learn and mix with other children. They both enjoy taking books home too.


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