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To: Sevenoaks District Council

Save Bradbourne Lakes from neglect

Save Bradbourne Lakes from neglect

We want the SDC to reverse the years of neglect that blight our once beautiful space.

By committing funds to the restoration of pathways, desilting of the lakes and clearing away fallen trees and branches, our parkland could be restored to the tranquil oasis it once was.

Why is this important?

The park was once a beautiful spot but it is in danger of becoming a silty swamp. The more run-down it gets, the worse people treat it, despite the efforts of the community and supporters within the SDC.

Paths aren't repaired, which has rendered one part of the park inaccessible to lesser abled people and dead and dying trees, overhang the lakes.

Leaves are not cleared up, apart from by the local community, which causes flooding onto the paths in autumn and winter and stops locals using the amenities.

The park is a space that should be restored for all to enjoy, not left to decay.

Sevenoaks, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • Should be a lovely place to take our grandchildren!
  • I think that it is a disgrace that Sevenoaks Council do not look after Bradbourne Lakes.
  • Like others who lived in Sevenoaks as a child, I used to visit Bradbourne Lakes regularly by bicycle or on foot. It was a great place to meet friends and was also very safe. It is sad to see the decline and it would be gratifying to see SDC give this space a higher priority in their plans.


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