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To: One Manchester Housing Association

Save Cae's home

Save Cae's home

We, call upon One Manchester to resolve the dispute with Cae so that he can continue to live at his property, is not thrown out on to the streets and as a consequence, make him destitute.

Why is this important?

Cae is a valued member of our community and has contributed a great deal to Bentley House Estate and supported many of its tenants/leaseholders over the last 20 years.

City South Housing Assocation, now part of One Manchester, describes its purpose as:
Creating opportunities · Transforming communities · Changing lives · Providing quality homes · Ambitious · Connected · Trustworthy

A recent move by the company unfortunately calls most of these into question - apart from “changing lives”. Making a long term resident homeless and destitute would certainly be life-changing for him.

Please follow the link below to the video of Cae explaining his desperate situation.

Please don't delay! Watch the video today. We've got 11 days to challenge this decision to save Cae's home and future livelihood. We urge you to take 10 minutes to watch this. We are running out of time to help Cae get justice!

Hulme, Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • Let him live in his home he's bought no eviction
  • How does making cae homeless solve this problem?
  • Cae is a kind and helpful neighbour. It would be unfair to evict him, CSM should be ashamed of their actions.


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