To: Caerphilly County Borough Council

Save Cefn Fforest Leisure Centre and others from closure

Save Cefn Fforest Leisure Centre and others from closure

Action against possible closure of Cefn Fforest Leisure Centre. We the undersigned call upon C.C.B.C. to reject any plans for possible closure of Cefn Fforest Leisure Centre and ensure that this vital facility remains available to the Community. It's closure would greatly damage the well-being of the area, both socially and in terms of physical and mental health.

Why is this important?

Caerphilly CBC has drawn up a new Health and Leisure Strategy that would see 7 of the 11 leisure centre in the area close, including the much loved and well used Cefn Fforest baths.
There was a wonderful turn out to the public meeting about the closures on Wed 17th June, where over 100 people spoke with anger and passion against the short-sightedness of these plans.
Some comments include:
- the difficulties travelling to another area for leisure means that children and adults alike would not be able to exercise or swim as frequently
- None of the schools in the area were consulted and yet most use the school for swimming lessons
- the hypocrisy of the council encouraging healthy living and yet taking away a prime resource for improving health and well being
- the negative effect on our children who won't be able to walk to a local baths, we talked of the wonderful outdoor pool in Pontllanfraith, which is still missed
- losing the baths will no doubt effect poverty in a ward that already has one of the highest levels in the whole of Caerphilly
Despite the three County councillors saying that they would fight to keep them open, we need to do all we can to let Caerphilly CBC that we are absolutely opposed to their new strategy and they find alternative ways of saving money that will not effect the well-being of so many, as well as the opportunities for our children.

Caerphilly County and beyond

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Reasons for signing

  • Closest leisure centre to me and it has the nicest baby pool
  • Leisure centres help immensely in the health of residents both old and young! Closing them is a false economy if the health of residents deteriorate and put pressure on NHS
  • As the only competitive swimming club in the County, we use 3 of the pools to train every day of the week, Cefn Ffores being one of them. As one of the main users of these facilities, as a club we have not been consulted on the proposed closure. This would impact massively on the training for our swimmers, as gaining pool time at another facility would be impossible, and we would have to lose the time.


2017-10-20 12:25:48 +0100

*** Strategy for closure of Caerphilly CBC leisure centres is back on the agenda ***

We managed to have the original leisure strategy kicked into the long grass over two years ago. Of course, it was never going away completely and Caerphilly Council are currently consulting on the closure of Pontllanfraith Leisure Centre and there is a new strategy to be discussed in a coming Regeneration Committee in the Council.

So, please complete the consultation document and share as widely as you can, as once it's gone, it's gone and it'll then be easier to close the other leisure centres in the area.

The online consultation can be found here:

I'm going to do more research on the latest strategy that they've developed and will update when I know more, but this campaign needs to gain traction again, so please share widely.


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