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To: Punch Taverns and management

Save Cooksons

Save Cooksons

We want management to open up dialogue with the Cooksons community in order to discuss future plans.

Why is this important?

We are concerned that the pub may be being mismanaged and intentionally run down,marking it as an nonviable concern resulting in possible closure.
We feel the Pub has the potential to bring a huge amount of value to the local area, beyond what it could contribute economically. It can provide community infrastructure that would otherwise not exist, bring together neighbours and members of the community that may not otherwise come into contact, and play a part in the heritage and culture of an area. Historically it has supported aspirations of local authorities, by helping to increase individual well being, bring vulnerable, isolated and disparate
groups into closer contact, as well as contributing to the regeneration of jobs.

Finally, locally six pubs and social clubs have closed, making the Cooksons the only pub left standing along a once vibrant area. If the Cooksons was also to go, then the loss would we feel be a further nail in the coffin for an already stressed and continually disparate community.


2017-04-17 10:45:17 +0100

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