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To: Telford & Wrekin Council Planning Dept

Save Doseley Wildlife Habitat

Refuse application for planning permission for housing adjacent to the Cheshire Cheese Public House in Doseley,Telford

Why is this important?

The area is one of abundance wildlife and varied plant life and wild flowers. It holds a huge population from shrews to badgers. Aquatic life,songbirds, grass snakes, slow worms, common lizards, adders, it is regularly used by members of the local community and walkers.

There is a public right of way/footpath which it seems developers want to incorporate into their site, the pathway existed in 1840 for certain and possibly before. This area also forms part of the Dawley Heritage trail. Road access is poor as is street lighting and it would create a significant hazard having the entrance impede the junction with an historic railway bridge which is currently suffering from vehicle strikes even now.


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