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To: Dover District Council

Save Dover Soup Kitchen

UPDATE 29/11/16

We won! People power! Soup kitchen gets new location after Dover council bends to public opinion

Save Dover Soup Kitchen

Dover District Council are demanding this vital voluntary service shut down and be removed from it's current venue by November 30th 2016 and they are refusing to place it anywhere else on council land. This petition is to ask Dover District Council to reconsider this as the soup kitchen is one of the only points of access many vulnerable people have to food and support in the town.

Why is this important?

The Dover Soup Kitchen was founded by Steph Perrow in 1991, and their mission statement is that it is a resource for the homeless, vulnerable, elderly, lonely, and the needy. It provides free meals, hot drinks, clothes and bedding, and creates a sense of belonging and community. This soup kitchen helps many people every day without judgement or stigma it is a safe haven for many of the vulnerable in our town.

It would be tragic if Dover lost this precious service especially in this age of austerity where more and more people are struggling, more people are losing their homes and many end up on the streets through no fault of their own. Please pledge your name to this petition so we can let DDC know that we will not stand for their actions and let's fight for those vulnerable people who cannot always make their voices heard.

Thank you for reading.

Pencester Road, Dover

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Reasons for signing

  • An essential service all year round but especially important as winter approaches. More and more people depend on this. DDC where is your compassion?
  • signing this might help..
  • Its getting cold now this is the only place the Dover homeless have to get some hot food and compassion we must save it!


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