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To: Michael Gove and ofqual

Save Environmental Studies!

Save Environmental Studies!

Dear ofqual,

Please do not scrap Environmental Studies A level.

Why is this important?

Please do not ignore how important this subject is, it may one day save our planet. Education is the most powerful tool in saving the planet and helping us sustain ourselves and further generations.

Environmental Studies has not just empowered students, but also changed the way they think and act about their education, their lives, and where they live. For me it's been the biggest page turner in my life, and without it I wouldn't be where I am now. This subject hasn't just helped me, it has helped countless other young adults in the UK find their passion in life and set them on their path for life, who are we to deprive others of such an opportunity?
Furthermore it has actually encouraged students to go into STEM subjects at university, something that the government actually would like more people to do.
Whilst some think that Environmental Studies overlaps with the other sciences, i can assure you the approach to similar topics is far from the same and each take their own angles and focus on completely different areas.

This is a subject that deserves our attention, our care, and our devotion.

We only have one earth, we only have one chance at this life, and how are we supposed to understand how we are affecting our home if we are not educated.

If you would like to help us please sign this petition and email ofqual to speak your mind on the matter, we also have a facebook page up and running where we will post updates, important information, and some Environmental Studies related news just to show how much of an impact and how important this subject is!

Email: [email protected]

Reasons for signing

  • Our environment studies Is very Important all together of the uk
  • Brilliant and inspiring science subject. It must be kept. I teach it and want to keep inspiring young people of the importance of our environment. Most importantly, they are empowered with the knowledge that they can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Please read this from p59 to convince yourself of the power of a few voices. Well done!
  • I am currently studying Environmental Studies and Biology at A level and have found the two subjects to be completely different to each other. Environmental Studies is such a diverse, unique and interesting subject that I and many others I know enjoy completely


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Well done guys!!!! Let's keep this numbers rising!!! Remember to like us on facebook and to email ofqual!!!! the links are in the petition, and remember to spread the word as far as you can, to other friends, any teachers (teachers would be a really great help) and maybe even reach out to other colleges.
Keep it up guys!

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We also have a facebook page, please share the petition around and like the page!