To: Sefton council

Save Farnborough Road children's centre

Save Farnborough Road children's centre

We would like Sefton Council to keep the centre open.

Why is this important?

Sefton Council are planning on closing Farnborough Road children’s centre along with others in the area. The children's centres will be merged into a smaller number of family centres, but this will mean huge cuts to the services children’s centres provide.

It is so important to families with young children to have somewhere local to go to. For the parents and children to make friends and have someone to speak to if they need to. The local children's centre provides amazing classes for learning and experiences for babies to pre school children. They are easily accessible and should be kept that way.

Metropolitan Borough of Sefton

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Reasons for signing

  • It is important
  • Greedy councillors are responsible for the lack of funds in Sefton. Paid 10 times what they are worth.
  • Getting out of the house is really hard when you first have a baby yet meeting other parents is so important. Trying to find a parent parking space or using a bus to access town centre based services would be enough to put some people off. Locally based children centres are crucial.


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