To: Highland Council

Save Fonseca’s seed fly

Save Fonseca’s seed fly

Highland Council must do everything in their power to protect the habitat for this rare endemic fly that is dependent on the network of shifting dunes a large portion of which are now under threat from the proposed development of a golf course at Coul Links

Why is this important?

Plans for a 236 hectare golf course at Coul Links near Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands could put one of Scotland’s rarest species at threat of global extinction. Fonseca’s seed fly is restricted globally to a short stretch of coast in northern Scotland. Its population is perilously small and is thought to be closely associated with Ragwort, Sow-thistle and the sand dune systems found in this area. The proposed golf course would destroy important habitat for this species and fragment the already fragile population. Stabilisation of the dunes and creation of fairways and greens will destroy the habitat for the species.

Dornoch Firth in the Scottish Highlands with a global consequence

Reasons for signing

  • There are already plenty of golf courses. We don't need another.
  • The existence of this fly in indicative of the quality of this SSSI.
  • Take a look at a satellite image of the U.K. Try to find a good site for a golf course that isn’t already a golf course. There’s already over 2500 about 4% already on SSSI’s. We don’t need any more!!!!


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