To: Carwyn Jones (AM) First Minister for Wales

Save Governors Wales

Save Governors Wales

We respectfully ask that Carwyn Jones (AM) First Minister for Wales to look into the decision to withdraw funding for Governors Wales as from April 2018.

Why is this important?

Governors Wales has been the voice for all school governors throughout all of Wales since 1995, and the services offered have been second to none.
They have forged links with Governors Associations and networks and have provided excellent advice and documentation such as The Handbook for School Governors as well as a comprehensive website and confidential helpline.
They were instrumental in introducing the Bronze Award as a benchmark for all governing bodies to aspire to, which has subsequently developed into the self evaluation template. Their staff have attended association meetings bringing valued information to those in attendance.
This service is invaluable to all governors who give up their time freely and is at present I feel not being represented elsewhere.
Governors are being charged with more and more responsibilities while the tools required by us to carry out our duties are being withdrawn or reduced to a minimum.
Whilst we acknowledge the work of Consortia in supporting both our schools and teaching staff they are at different levels of development and Governors need support at ground level and Governors Wales the voice of governors is needed to ensure this.
I would suggest a review of the Welsh Government draft budget is undertaken as a priority and that consideration of using some funding from regional consortia is further considered, to enable Governors Wales to continue to do their excellent work in supporting governors across Wales.
Please support this petition as we cannot afford to lose this service.

Reasons for signing

  • Governance of schools is of prime importance and ensures a balanced approach to the management of educational provision.
  • It's a vital service for governors
  • J H Tildesley MBE


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