To: Great Yarmouth Market Traders

Save Great Yarmouth Market

Save Great Yarmouth Market

The Council are contemplating moving the Market for the purpose of extra entertainment at the South end.
As Stall holders, we feel;
• Counterproductive as unable to fill the available space at present.
• An uncertain future.
• Loss of earning during works.
• Inability of stalls being moved.
• No longer own our stall but have to rent.
• Our customers will not know our new location.
• We will be further from the main square of town.
• Large financial implications of setting up new business.
• The money would be better spend, regenerating the current market location.

Why is this important?

This will be detrimental to all of the stalls, financially and through loss of footfall. During the work we will be expected to trade on what will basically be a building site. Some of the older traders have been through this before and do not want to repeat it again. With this uncertainty those who want to retire are finding that their business is un sellable. The empty stalls are not being taken up as no one wants to invest in something that might not be worth anything if they make us move. A lot of traders have within the last 2 years invested a lot of money into their stalls. If we have to move there is no guarantee that we will own our stall, but more likely that we will have to rent it from the council, meaning that we all loss what is the biggest asset of the business. The chip, fish, meat, etc stalls have specialist equipment that is not sellable or moveable.
It seems that the council officers are throwing away good money / tax payers money on something that has been shown by other markets that doesn’t work.
As stall holders we would prefer that the money was used to regenerate the market in its current location, to pay for a reasonable cleaning and maintance schedule (which they apparently do, but we see no signs of it), and a competent market manager.

Reasons for signing

  • The council are out of touch with the needs of the local community and seem hell bent on destroying the cultural heritage of Great Yarmouth rather than revitalising it.
  • i believe the will of the stallholders and residents is being ignored, and its about time the council listened to us the people.
  • Growing up I'd always go there we can't get ride of it like that


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