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To: Trafford Borough Council

Help Us Save Hale Library

Update 29/05/15: We won! The Community Trust's bid to build a new library on the existing site was yesterday approved by the council. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support which helped achieve this great result.

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Listen to the voice of the local community - save Hale Library.

Why is this important?

Hale library and community hub, situated in the heart of Hale village, is one of the most used libraries in Trafford with a footfall of 80,000 visits a year and over 30 groups who use its rooms and services. It is a well loved and vibrant community asset which is under threat because Trafford Council want to reduce their running costs and realise a capital receipt from the sale of the library site. Thousands of residents and local business people have voiced their opposition to the downsizing or closure of this valuable community asset which is more than just books. From a wide range of children's activities through to services for older people the library provides the embodiment of social provision and community spirit.

Friends of Hale Library, an independent charity, working in partnership with other community groups has listened to the needs and aspirations of the people in Hale and has come up with a long term and financially viable solution for the future of the library and community hub. We request that Trafford Council fulfil its obligation to Hale residents by engaging positively and openly with Friends of Hale Library and its partners who represent the voice of the people.


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