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To: Prime Minister, NHS Improvement, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commission Group

Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital

We, the undersigned, wish to see Hinchingbrooke Hospital retained as a District General Hospital for Huntingdonshire and the extended area, retaining all of the clinical services it currently provides on a clinically and financially viable basis, to be publicly provided publicly funded and publicly accountable.

We, the undersigned, also wish to see the Non-Executive Hospital Board changed with immediate effect, so as to have a Board made up of residents' from the Huntingdonshire area that is representative of the local population. Change in the make-up of the Hinchingbrooke Hospital Board will be in line with the Government's commitment to devolve power to local communities.

Why is this important?

The future of Hinchingbrooke Hospital is under threat and the proposed merger with Peterborough and Stamford Foundation NHS Trust may see the closure of Accident & Emergency, Maternity and Haematology and also the downgrading of the hospital. We will fight for the retainment of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital currently provides medical and emergency care for 160,000 residents in Huntingdon and the surrounding rural area. Further housing stock has been planned and approved for development in the near future, which will increase the need to have a District Hospital in Huntingdon.
Peterborough and Addenbrookes, the two nearest alternative hospitals are 40 minutes journey time at best, along very busy roads assuming you have your own transport. Not ideal if you are very unwell. We will fight to save Hinchingbrooke.

How it will be delivered

We will hand deliver our petition to 10 Downing Street, to both Board of Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough City Hospital. We will also deliver this petition to NHS Improvement and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group

Reasons for signing

  • We were on holiday in our caravan and my husband had to be rushed in for hernia operation. The care and attention received was superb. This is a great hospital with lovely caring staff and needs to be kept open.
  • I work as an HCA at Hinchingbrooke
  • We desperately need it. Simple. My daughter may not have been here if A&E had been closed. Other hospitals are too far away and on very busy and unpredictable roads.


2016-07-24 21:29:12 +0100

Incredible! We've now hit the 3,000 mark. Thank you to everyone who has signed our petition and for sharing it with family, friends, work colleagues, corner shop owner, butcher, candle stick maker. Please keep sharing our petition from where ever you in the district or country. With your support we can Save Hinchingbroke Hospital and keep the vital services that treat's thousands of resident's and saves countless life every day.

2016-07-21 22:10:50 +0100

Wow this in incredible! Over 1,200 people have sign our petition to Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital in 5 hours. Share it with your friends and family so we can show that we want services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital kept for now and for the future.

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2016-07-21 20:26:01 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-07-21 17:07:58 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-07-21 16:53:32 +0100

Over 60 signatures from being at 'Unity in the Community' event of Saturday. Let's save Hinchingbrooke and ensure the hospital has the funding it needs to serve Huntingdonshire and beyond.