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To: Brighton and Hove City Council

Save Hove Library

We, the undersigned, are concerned to hear that Hove Library is potentially under threat from the cuts in this year’s Council budget.

We urge the City Council to reject the closure of our much-loved Library.

- This is being run by a Conservative party councillor

Why is this important?

The City Council has announced plans to close Hove Library and re-open a new service in Hove Museum in 2017. We are concerned that the new service will be less central, smaller and won't be able to accommodate the full range and scope of the existing service. We are concerned that Hove Library as we know and love it is closing, and an iconic piece of local history will be lost forever.

Hove Library is well used and loved by our community. It is a lifeline to many. It is free to use and popular. It provides great value costing the council taxpayer only 32p per week per person. Our library helps our community: 34% of library users have no home internet access and 32% are jobseeking. Over 30,000 children use libraries in Brighton and Hove ranging from homework clubs to
baby boogie. Over 600 people attend reading and writing workshops. Hove library is home to special collections, provides a safe space and helps break down barriers.


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