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To: Lancashire County Council

Save Lancashire's Libraries

Save Lancashire's Libraries

Do not close or re-locate any of the Libraries in Lancashire

Why is this important?

Libraries like my own in Kirkham are an active and much-needed resource, with users ranging in age from the very young to the very elderly. A dedicated and professional library service is a must in any civilised society and the scale of cuts proposed to Lancashire's library facilities are unacceptable.

Libraries in Lancashire do more than just provide books. They have regular reading and dedicated events for children, active creative writing groups, web-based learning sessions, book clubs, additional clubs, poetry readings and a variety of library-based activities that cannot be undermined nor shifted to an inappropriate location.

Access to a "comprehensive and efficient" library service is covered under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, with additional elements located in the 1998 Human Rights Act and 2010 Equality Act.

Our Libraries provide an essential and eclectic service to the local community, and this factor should be a major consideration during any consultations, as per sections of the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, with additional elements located in the 1998 Human Rights Act and 2010 Equality Act.


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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries provide a communal service, and should not be viewed as a resource that can be watered down. Many children's access to books is through the library, and if we want to improve the standards of childrens education, then we should not starve this avenue.
  • Public libraries are a fundamental cornerstone of democratic society. Far from being redundant they represent an important space for civic engagement and the dissemination of free public knowledge. Closing down libraries is like closing down schools- they are not some sort of optional luxury just because most people can look stuff up on Google. That misses the point entirely-Libraries are part of the very fabric of the community- the commons- to which we have a basic and inalienable right.
  • I began my career as a Chartered Librarian in Blackpool.


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