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To: Staffordshire County Council

Save Lichfield Library

Save Lichfield Library

We the people of Lichfield are calling for an open and democratic public consultation on the future of Lichfield Library before any decisions are made on the future of The Friary building.

Why is this important?

The Friary site was gifted in 1920 by Richard Cooper MP for the ‘permanent use and benefit of the citizens of Lichfield’. It’s an important and historic public resource for the people of Lichfield and surrounding areas. It is not just a library building, but a fantastic community hub.

The proposals to relocate to St Mary’s in the Market Square would see a drastic reduction in floor size, so the space for books, computers and various community groups will be greatly diminished.

Library services are evolving and public funding is being slashed, but the County Council has a duty to ensure an open and democratic public consultation about the future of the site, before any decisions are made on the future of the building.

The County has shown a lack of transparency on it's strategy for disposal and some details of the deal have only recently been disclosed. To achieve the disposal of the whole site requires the Library and Record Office to move out.

The County Council is obviously motivated by the financial pressures they are under rather than the local community benefit the services and site provide. Once the site is sold, it will be lost to the people of Lichfield forever.


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Reasons for signing

  • Who the hell are the council representing:- Developers or the Lichfield populace
  • The current library building is spacious and offers a lot of facilities. St Mary's is a lovely museum but would be rather cramped if it became a library.
  • There would be a greatly reduced floor space and as a result a reduction in the number of books avaiable.


2016-04-07 20:03:46 +0100

We now have over 4400 signatures in total (including the paper petition). Thank you! We need 5000 to force Staffordshire County Council to debate the petition so please share!

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