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To: Manchester City Council

Save North Manchester Wellbeing Centre

Save North Manchester Wellbeing Centre

We need your support Now!! Eleven years ago North Manchester Wellbeing Centre was opened by local people who wanted to provide a place where people who were feeling stressed or depressed could meet, take part in enjoyable activities, get fit, meet new friends, feel less isolated and begin to feel better often without any drug treatments.

It has been extremely successful in doing this and people also come along just to stay feeling well! Now Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust want to take over the lease of the building and develop it as NHS provision. We need your help to stop this takeover and keep the Wellbeing Centre flexible and informal and run by local people who understand local issues.

Please sign the petition below and encourage others to sign it too

Why is this important?

The Centre was opened by people who really cared about the support available when life seems so hard. Old fashioned community support and ongoing help for each other can't be provided on the NHS but it can be provided by local people who care enough to volunteer their time and energy to run the service. Our Centre has been described by the people who use it as being a family where there's always someone to listen and offer help. We can't lose this valuable community asset that we the volunteers have put our hearts and souls into, so please show you think this is important too and sign the petition.

Manchester, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this petition because I think the services provided by the volunteers are invaluable and help users of the Centre as much, if not more than prescription medication. Friendship and companionship, to my knowledge, cannot yet be gained from medication.
  • The centre provides a much needed service to the people of North Manchester and needs to be supported not pushed out


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