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To: The Home Office

Don't deport Olya from the UK- stop this family from being torn apart

Don't deport Olya from the UK- stop this family from being torn apart

Stop the deportation of Olya Merry - so she can stay with her family in Scotland and grant her residency.

Why is this important?

Olya has followed all the advice given to her and her husband by the Home Office, and all she wants is to live with her family in Scotland.

But now she faces deportation away from her home because of a technicality. They claim her Scottish husband didn't do enough to make Ireland his centre of life, as per the Home Office’s advice, before coming to Scotland. They also have a two-year-old daughter, Milana, who was born in Scotland.

Sign the petition to tell the Home Office to drop their threats and let Olya and her family live in peace. Their life is in Scotland, their child is Scottish. Don’t rip them apart.

Reasons for signing

  • Mother of UK citizen Wife of UK citizen Both in work For goodness sake and common sense lt her stay as a positive benefit to society.
  • I just do not understand why the wife of a UK Citizen, who is the mother of a UK Citizen is not allowed to stay here. The husband has work, the wife is a qualified language teacher they are almost certain to make a positive contribution to our society.
  • The government are dealing with the issue of immigration in completely the wrong way.


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