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To: Matt Hancock MP - Secretary of State for Health

Save Orsett Hospital from closing

Stop the proposed closure of Orsett Hospital, Thurrock

Why is this important?

The services they provide is very important to the people of thurrock, and closing Orsett will put even more pressure on Basildon Hospital which is under immense pressure already not helped by the proposed closure of the A&E at Southend Hospital.

With thousands of new homes planned for the borough, it would be better to save Orsett Hospital and expand some other services, to help cope with a rise in demand in the area.

Orsett Hospital, Rowley Road, Orsett

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Reasons for signing

  • As the population grows the Government cannot and must not keep cutting back on essential public services whilst at the same time giving millions to foreign aid. The British taxpayer is being bled dry and it must stop.
  • Cause I worked there for 19 years before wards were pulled down and my work area changed to basildon. It has been proved we need what is left if this hospital
  • Fantastic little hospital with old fashioned values. Staff are polite, waiting times are short. Takes an enormous amount of pressure away from Basildon Hospital


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