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To: Babergh District Council/Suffolk County Council

Save Our Bus Station (SOBS)

Save Our Bus Station (SOBS)

Halt the move to Girling Street. Revamp the Bus Station in its present location.

Why is this important?

The town will lose 70 parking spaces. The present Bus Station location is perfect and links well with the railway station. We would very much like it to be part of the new development. If this cannot be the case we would like a similar location with links to the railway station. Most importantly the people of Sudbury are not being listened to.


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Reasons for signing

  • Girling Street Car Park has to be retained as a car park.
  • If the bus station really has to be moved, Girling Street makes absolutely no sense at all. It will cause the loss of vital town centre parking spaces. Traffic flows in Girling Street are already poor - a bus station would make them even worse. The lorry park would be better than Girling Street, it is closer to the train station, and a roundabout at Eastern's Corner would improve access for both busses and the station. The lorry park should be on the outskirts of town.
  • Remarkable that those seeking Girling St proposal do not realise the impact of buses in Girling St with Iceland lorries and other such heavy vehicles competing with ordinary local traffic and now buses. Just watch, better still experience, the traffic jams dear committee!!


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