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To: Sunderland Council

Save our Coffee Shop

Save our Coffee Shop

We would like the rent to be reduced to a peppercorn rent to reflect our Community Status.

Why is this important?

Miss Tina’s is being asked to pay full Business Rent on our facilities. Unfortunately, as a not-for-profit organisation, this will result in the closure of Miss Tina’s in Barmston. Please could you show your support for keeping Miss Tina’s open by signing the petition to reduce our rent.

Barmston, Washington

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Reasons for signing

  • Good for the community and children
  • A vital community asset which should be supported by the council , disgraceful and unnecessary
  • Miss tinas is the one place people go trom all over the surrounding areas im from chester le street and travel to take my son to miss tinas events and when my daughter is old enuf she will be going too x


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