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To: Northumberland county council

Save our East centre

We do not want our youth centre sold!

Why is this important?

Our local youth centre which has been helping young people since 1964 risks being sold off by the council. They have decided this without any consultation, and we’re campaigning to keep it open.

I as a person who attends the east think it is very disappointing. There are many memories made in the east. The east has ran for 52 years, which my parents and many other of my friends parents have made many good memories here. The east puts a service for young people, where we can talk about sexual health, mental health, as well as holding many other things for young children such as boxing club, NCC and special needs services

This building holds many memories and holds a service to young people which nowhere else offers. We’re making a stand and we’re showing the council our love for Prudhoe’s East centre.

Please, if you can, sign this and help us save our east centre. Thank you.


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