To: Adam McVey, Leader of City of Edinburgh Council

Save our Helpline for parents of disabled children

Save our Helpline for parents of disabled children

Dear Mr McVey, the Council has put our Helpline into a big tender with other services. Now we are blocked from applying. Edinburgh will lose a great service because of this commercial muddle. Please ask your procurement people to write another tender so that we can bid in a fair process for our Helpline service. Thank you.

Why is this important?

Each year we support 500 Edinburgh families and we are parents ourselves. We support any family that needs our service - this includes many parents of children with complex needs, life-limiting conditions, or children on the Paediatric High Dependency Unit in hospital. We are a great service saving the tax-payer hundreds of thousands each year by providing early intervention. Here are some heartwarming quotes from parents who have used our service:

‘At a time when I could hardly think straight all of the people I dealt with at Kindred were exceptionally compassionate but also extremely efficient and full of helpful advice and support.’

‘I felt very alone prior to the contact with Kindred, and overwhelmed by the consequences of our son’s illness.  They understood and offered me free counselling which saved my sanity and probably my marriage.  I am now much more able to cope.  Thank you.’

I always get emotional trying to explain how Kindred have helped me and my family.  Knowing you have help / support should you need it is incredibly reassuring and any / all questions I have are answered 150%.  Couldn’t ask for better support.  Thanks.’

'The service is like a breath of fresh air.  To be told the diagnosis of your child's condition turns your world upside down.  Then to be put in contact with a service such as Kindred where the staff understand how you are feeling and are there to help is amazing.'

'I love coming to the groups - it is a bit like a fix of normality in my crazy life.  It is very important that the leaders have experience of parenting a child with additional needs and are willing to be open about their own experiences - one of us and understanding of our needs and struggles ..... '


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Reasons for signing

  • i agree !!!.
  • Because this is the only organisation in Scotland led by and supporting parents of children with complex needs. We need our own organisation and we need it badly. Kindred saves you tons of money and us unnecessary ordeals. Please sort it out City Edinburgh Council.
  • Kindred provides holistic help for families and keeps the show on the road for many vulnerable families of children with complex needs. It helps families gain the support they need, alleviates poverty and relieves pressure on statutory services such as social work. I shudder to think of the impact if this service is lost. For the sake of the families and for the sake of their own overstretched services the City of Edinburgh must allow Kindred to take part in the tendering process.


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