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To: MP's Councillors Clinical Commisioning Groups and the heads of Burton and Derby Hosptial Trusts

Save Burton Hospital Stop the Derby Takeover

A halt to the takeover until there has been proper public scrutiny and a review
No further privatisation of remaining services
Guarantees over staffs terms, conditions and jobs
No cuts to services at Burton hospital.

Why is this important?

Earlier this year, leaked documents have revealed that Derby Teaching Hospital Trust will merge with Burton Hospital Trust
The documents reveal that such a merger could have wide ranging implications on clinical areas including:
Cancer and Stroke Care
Acute Medicine
The documents show that some services could be lost from Burton and moved to Derby*

We have the following concerns

Concerns over loss of services at Burton Hospital
Threats to staffs jobs, terms and conditions
A lack of transparency in the process.
Proposals to increase levels of privatisation
Further pressure to remaining Hospital services in Burton and Derby



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