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To: Our lollipop man Colin Clarke

Save our lollipop man for Sutton Manor Primary

Want the council to recognise that we need him for the safety of our school children and the community.

Why is this important?

Our school is on a very busy road with links to the motorway and link road near by. Traffic seem to use this road a lot as a short to these routes. I feel our children will be in danger and many fatalities will occur? If we lose him .

Sutton Manor Community Primary School, Forest Road, Sutton Manor

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Reasons for signing

  • I have Step-grandkids go to that school and I would feel better knowing there is still a lollipop man there to get them across the road safely
  • To keep our children safe , crossing the road , not every child comes to school with a parent so they need to cross the road safe
  • I am a local resident and know how hazardous the crossing can be.


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