To: Manchester Council

Save Our Music Venues in Manchester

Save Our Music Venues in Manchester

Will Manchester council do something to stop all our music venue being shut down?

Most importantly, can you stop them from being turned into land banks for non Mancunians to make loads of money off us - or student flats.

We’ve started this petition after hearing Sound Control is closing after only 8 joyful years of being with us. But the number of great venues that have been priced out (or bullied out by noise complaints and the police) of our town are too numerous to mention.

The Music Box, The Roadhouse, Sankeys Soap, the Hacienda - the list goes on.
What do we have left? Soon there will be only places to live (for those rich enough to afford it) but no reason to live here.

We want to see a plan of action now. Do summat.

Why is this important?

We all know the life and the soul of a city is its arts and culture.

Equally as important is the opportunity for us to come together and spend time enjoying ourselves with other people.

In a world dominated by smart phones and Netflix we need more reasons to leave our gaff, not less.

We need to reverse this trend of destroying everything edgy and interesting about our city to build more beige flats for beige people. Save our city.

Greater Manchester

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