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To: Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney

Save Our Sunshine: No to overshadowing nursery school

Save Our Sunshine: No to overshadowing nursery school

Dear Mayor, please act now to protect kids’ right to light in Colvestone Primary. Don’t let this development take our children’s sunshine away.

Why is this important?

We are a group of Hackney residents and parents of children at Colvestone Primary School.

Without consulting the Education Department, and in the face of 70 objections from local people, Hackney Council’s Planning Committee has approved a development proposal that will significantly overshadow the nursery school next door.

More than 30 children every year, and for generations to come, will be robbed of sunlight in the outdoor space of the nursery so that a developer can build “light-filled” private studio flats above the proposed ground floor and basement café.

We are outraged by this decision. We expect the Mayor to put the education, health and well-being of the children first.
• We have an independent expert review of the proposal which concludes that the building would cause “an increase of three to four times the existing levels of overshadowing”
• A local resident, Judith Watt, has launched a legal challenge to the Council’s planning decision
• We are urging the Council to act now to enforce historic property covenants that protect sunlight to the school's land.

Please, Mayor, do the right thing.

How it will be delivered

We will email this petition to the Mayor of Hackney.

London Borough of Hackney

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