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To: The Scottish Government

Save Scottish Youth Theatre

Intervene to reverse the decision by Creative Scotland to cut the funding for Scottish Youth Theatre (SYT) - Scotland’s national youth theatre - or find alternative equal funding to mitigate the loss.


Why is this important?

For over thirty years, Scottish Youth Theatre has provided encouragement, space, opportunity and support for young people to engage with the creative industries. It has helped countless thousands of young people in Scotland to build their confidence, meet new friends and develop their creative potential. And so much more.

Sadly, on 7 March, Scottish Youth Theatre announces via a statement on its website that due to this cut in its core funding it would cease trading on 31 July 2018:

2018 is Scotland’s national Year of Young People. But even if it wasn’t it would still be a travesty to cut the funding for Scotland’s national youth theatre.

There can surely be no prism through which the decision to cut this funding makes sense or could be viewed as a good thing for Scotland’s youth, creative sector, artistic reputation nor our economy.

Please sign and share this petition to show the Scottish Government the level of public support in opposition to the cut in funding for SYT.

Thank you.

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