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To: North Dorset District Council and Shaftesbury Town Council

Save Shaftesbury Cattle Market

Save Shaftesbury Cattle Market

Stop the sale of Shaftesbury Cattle Market

Why is this important?

Shaftesbury Cattle Market is the last undeveloped publicly owned space in the centre of Shaftesbury.

North Dorset District Council (NDDC) supported by Shaftesbury town council, against the wishes of the people of Shaftesbury, as proved by a public vote, wish to sell the site to a developer.

The site may be used for a supermarket, although there is an empty supermarket in the centre of Shaftesbury, housing or a care home. The petition is to stop the sale so that the land is used for the benefit of the people and businesses in Shaftesbury.

A community centre, car parking, fitness suite, new doctors surgery, leisure centre have all been suggested. The money from the sale will line the pockets of NDDC a council which will cease to exist in April 2019 and not benefit the people of Shaftesbury.


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