To: South Tyneside Council, South Shields MP, & NHS

Save South Tyneside District Hospital

Save South Tyneside District Hospital

We want all our facilities back in South Tyneside District Hospital (STFT). The stroke unit is closed, the managements are thinking of closing Pediatrics A&E, the directors and management departments have already shifted to City Hospitals Sunderland. A big game of internal politics happening and they expect us, the people of south shields to be blind until we are left with no health facilities in this town. The Sunderland Trust and STFT started off as collaboration but now the Sunderland Trust are literally engulfing the STFT. Our children in south shields are not safe in an emergency situation without a pediatrics A&E here, our stroke patients have lost their ease of facilities in this locality, south shields people are struggling to get to facilities and treatments due to shifting of departments. By closing the departments of STFT one by one, they are trying to suffocate the adult A&E of STFT where we have minimum 200 patients visiting daily, an A&E which is one of the top ten A&Es in the country. So, we the people of south tyneside need this hospital to stay here with all the facilities we had before. We are not blind or we are not people with no common sense and we are not people with no voice in our throat. We will stand up against this irrational autocratic decisions of the management. How can they plan on closing down the departments in STFT without considering the opinion of the population who depend on this hospital???

Why is this important?

Because the population of South Tyneside are struggling to get medical attention with shift of facilities from south shields to sunderland. The town of south shields becomes unsafe and unaccessible to live in. The elderly and chronic patients will have to shift from their beautiful town of south shields and move to sunderland to have an easy access to facilities, the town of south shields will become an unsafe place to live in specially in an emergency, the shut down of STFT will create more of unemployment, the nursing homes in south shields will have to slowly close down due to reduction of residents because who would prefer to live in a town with no access to health facilities. This is what happens to south tyneside if the departments of STFT are close down, eventually shutting down the only acute care facility in this town forever.

South Shields

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Reasons for signing

  • We all need our hospitals, some of these hospitals are failing because of bad management, usually put in place by our own government as an excuse to either coles departments or even hospitals, in favour of privatisation so our own MPs can earn even more if when they are no longer in power
  • Because we need ALL our hospitals !!!!, people, lives count. Read the book " N H S FOR SALE Myths, Lies & Deception " written by Jack Davis, John Lister, David Wrigley. MERLIN . It is an eyeopener !!!, our government is destroying our N H S for GREED .
  • This Hostpital does a great job,great childens dept plus the A&E dept.


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