To: Ealing Council

Save Southall Town Hall

Save Southall Town Hall

To Stop the sale of Southall Townhall and keep it in community ownership

Why is this important?

It is an iconic building donated to local authority in middle 1840's for the use of local community uses despite of this restriction the Ealing Council is leasing it out for 250 years.
The building came to prominence in 1979 when the community rose up and confronted the National Front from holding the meeting at this building. In process over 800 people were arrested and 344 were charged; and Blair Peach died by the hands of Special Petrol Group.
This was inspiration for anti-racist struggle in whole country and indeed internationally.
Proposal had been sent to Ealing Council to maintain the building at no cost to them and Infact offering rent of £30,000 - but the Council had not stopped the sale.


Reasons for signing

  • Public buildings are for the public
  • To ensure the local community has a space to meet and a good resource centre for all kinds of support for all communities.


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Last night at the full council meeting a petition of 1,500 signature were presented. There was an opportunity to put our case however, the leader of the Council would not stop the sale. He indicated that he would not meet the reps. as it would be unfair to commercial bidders. He will have to get legal advice before meeting.