To: Southways Nursery School

Save Southways Nursery School

Save Southways Nursery School

Please don't close Southways Nursery School in Bedford

Why is this important?

Southways Nursery School plays a vital role within the local community.The nursery offers an excellent level of care and attention for children aged 2yrs to 5yrs of age. Without this nursery children will have to face the upheaval of being moved to a new nursery and these nurseries adding more pressure to both the nurseries and the parents as they have to travel further to get their child to nursery each morning. This is an excellent nursery with lots of history and ample space to support children during their early years. A closure of this nursery would have a devestating effect on the community around it and the children and parents that use it. Please sign the petition and lets stop this closure and save our chidren, parents and other nurseries undue anxiety and stress.


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Reasons for signing

  • There is a wealth of research demonstrating the quality of maintained nursery schools, not just to their immediate community but to the wider early years community. This is a school and should be funded accordingly.
  • Its great nursary , my daughter use to go when she was one. Will help many parents and childrens.
  • Outstanding schools need to be protected-particularly those that serve communities.


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