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To: Durham County Council

save the Spa grounds and meadow at shotley bridge

04/03/15 Update:

We did it!

The council refused the application and respected the ancient woodland that we hold so precious.

Thank you so much for signing.

Reject the planning application for 85 dwellings & new clubhouse in the historic Spa Grounds, which is a county wildlife site and would result in the decimation of hundreds of mature trees and loss of habitat for many protected species.

Why is this important?

This proposal will have a permanent detrimental effect on the biodiversity and historic environment. One of the last unspoilt areas of county Durham is under threat of irreversible destruction for executive housing and sheltered accommodation.

The area is home to the bats, badgers, otters and many more protected species. The spa grounds is a conservation area & county wildlife site and a greenfield site. Ancient woodland will be felled to make way for an access road.

This application contravenes all of the National Planning Policy Framework guidelines and the local plan for the area.

Spa Grounds Shotley Bridge Consett co Durham  DH80TN

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