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To: Hackney Council

Save Springfield Park bowling green and preserve wildlife!

Save Springfield Park bowling green and preserve wildlife!

Springfield Park in Hackney is a haven for wildlife with many unusual trees. The top of the park has rare acid grasslands and has been identified as ancient Roman burial ground - and may even be proposed as an English Heritage site. At the heart of this is a beautiful bowling green that has been part of the park for more than 100 years, and so sacred to some former users they have even had their ashes scattered there. We, as park users and local residents, are campaigning to save this area from Hackney Council proposals, to dig it up.

Why? We want to regenerate the green and its borders, not only for bowls on the beautiful lawn, but also other light exercise, such as yoga, pilates etc for park users, as well as preserve it as a peaceful area for wildlife. On its border we even have a vegetable patch that children can visit to learn about growing food. There is also a small pavilion with changing room, toilet facility and kitchen, next to the green, but this, and the lawn, have fallen into disrepair.

Why is this important?

Now we have a chance to get it up and running again and improve it with a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. But he only way we can do this is to generate interest in saving the green for its original purpose, so please sign our petition and show us your support, especially if you are interested in playing too. Unless we show support, we could lose it forever.

There are larger plans for the park under HLF application - such as restoring and improving the large white house with its cafe, and reopening the greenhouse area. In consultation with the council, we largely support these plans, and of course want the HLF to help our park, but not destroy a precious area due to lack of interest in the green. Keep the green green! Save it and share it! Please sign our petition now!

Thank you.
Park users and local residents.

How it will be delivered

First steps successful! Thank you for your support! The 100+ signatures so far online and around 60 more on paper have already made an impact and after an initial meeting we are in consultation with Hackney Council to amend the HLF application. Next stage of consultation is 4 February. But we need to sustain continued interest in preserving the green, so please sign and share around. Thank you.

Springfield Park, London E5

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Reasons for signing

  • To save green so that we can be safe and healthy.
  • Keeping the green is better for the community and the it is !!!
  • Green must green.


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