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To: Northampton county council and MPs

Save St Johns House

Save St Johns House

To help stop the injustice that is happening to St. John's Children's Home and keep it open

Why is this important?

This is important because St John's House has helped many young people to lead a fulfilling life, the staff at St John's have cared for and made yps like me feel wanted and loved, something which a lot of us have never experienced before, we need your help to stop them shutting it as we want other young people to have the same opportunity to receive the same amazing care. We also want the council to recognise what has happened to us and what we have gone through , we are not allowed to see the staff and have been put in cars and taken away without being able to even say goodbye.

Tiffield, Northampton

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Reasons for signing

  • i use to be a former residence of st. johns house, there element of care was what i would class as very well managed, i didnt have no complaints and didnt want to leave the home when i did, the staff were not only caring for but were freinds as also many of the othe young people, which is why i classed it as home and wanted to stay but we all must move on.
  • My partner was in this childrens home when he was younger also my niece and nephew was for a few months before getting adopted
  • I work with vulnerable adults and find this story heartbreaking - these children need stability


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