To: Council/Government

Save Sandfield House

Save Sandfield House

Halt the selling of this building and land,which an intergral part of Scunthorpe Mental Heath facilities

Why is this important?

Sandfield house is a beacon of hope in our community for people who struggle with mental health issues, over the years it has helped countless individuals also their families have piece of mind knowing their loved one is safe and looked after.

Ashby High Street, Scunthorpe

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Reasons for signing

  • Any changes to Mental Health Services need to be widely consulted on - both with the users and the workers. People matter more than buildings.
  • This could affect any one of us at any time . Please we need to save this building .
  • We need more care in the community and more places for people that suffer with depression somewhere to meet and talk


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There is going to be a peaceful protest outside Sandfield house on Saturday 9th September from 12 until 2

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