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To: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Save Sulivan Primary School

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Sarah Ellis
Save Sulivan Primary School

Dear H&F Council Members,

Please stop the proposal to close Sulivan Primary School.
Your aim is to find a site in the borough for a CofE Free School but you do not have to bulldoze Sulivan Primary school in order to achieve your goal. Please work with us, and the many other schools who are concerned by your plans, to find a solution which does not result in the closure of our successful and much loved Sulivan Primary.

Appreciate the unique and wonderful gem that is a part of our borough and be as proud of Sulivan as we are. Please think of the children who attend now and future generations. Keep Sulivan Primary School open.

Yours Sincerely

Why is this important?

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham council are proposing to close Sulivan Primary School in order to provide a site for a Free School.If the Council are successful in their closure the land Sulivan occupies would be given away by the council to a Church of England Free secondary school for 800 boys. Sulivan would then be merged with a primary school who are currently applying to become an academy. If the proposal goes ahead there will be a 20% decline in primary places on offer. This is a political decision not an educational one!
Want to tell the Council how you feel about this? Please fill in the lbhf Consultation Form it will only take 5 minutes and is vital to our campaign.

The community are proud of Sulivan. It is an all inclusive school, Ofsted awarded good with outstanding features. The children's well being and happiness gained a top score in its last inspection. It is 89% full and its role is ever increasing (76% of parents chose Sulivan reception as their first choice). The nursery and reception are full with a waiting list. This year Sulivan celebrated its best SAT results ever.
The one storey building is well maintained and is accessible for children with disabilities. There are nature gardens, a pond, meadow and playgrounds. The children grow food and cook in a special kitchen and outdoor science lessons are taught. Music lessons are provided by a full time music teacher and Spanish is taught in every Key Stage 2 class. There is so much (and more) Sulivan offer to the children who attend.

If the council close this unique and wonderful school it will have a devastating effect on 300 children, their parents, carers, teachers and support staff.

Please help us in saving Sulivan School. The Consultation deadline is 8th October 2013 and we need lots of support. Thank you!

Again, if you feel strongly about what is happening to Sulivan then please complete the Councils Consultation form, it's really important and will only take 5 minutes.
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Sulivan Primary School Fulham London SW6 3BN

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Reasons for signing

  • Sounds like a great school - good luck!
  • because sulivan is an amazing school and docent deserve to be closed
  • sulivan is brilliant and i would hate it to close. there is no reason to close this wonderful school


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