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To: East Lindsey District Council

Save Sutton on Sea Colonnade and Beach Huts

Save Sutton on Sea Colonnade and Beach Huts

Preserve the Sutton on Sea Colonnade and Beach Huts

Why is this important?

They are unique to the East Coast of England. They were reconstructed after the floods of 1953. It speaks of traditional English sea frontage. The character of the colonnade has remained from it's original construction. The colours and shapes just stand out and represent a good old fashioned seaside resort. Hundreds of thousands of people over the years have strolled along the promenade or played on the beach, with these simple but beautiful Beach Huts in the background.

Sutton-on-Sea Beach, Sutton on Sea

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Reasons for signing

  • Would be a shame to get rid off these they are a beautiful part of the beach.
  • I'm a frequent visitor to Sutton and think it's a beautiful, traditional seaside town and needs to be preserved as that.


2018-10-19 01:36:35 +0100

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