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To: Barnet Council

Save the Barnet Bats

Save the Barnet Bats

Stop planned building works in Victoria Park destroying the homes of Protected Bats and Owls that have lived there for over 20 years.

Why is this important?

Bats are European Protected Species (EPS) due to their decline and vulnerability across Europe; this means they require legal protection that covers individual bats and their roosts. Bat crime is the second most encountered wildlife crime following raptor persecution. Wildlife crime against bats, is often in the form of roost destruction and disturbance, which is not just devastating for the species directly affected at a local level but also for wider conservation efforts.

Legislation dictates that any structures or place which a bats use for shelter or protection are protected from damage or destruction whether occupied or not. This legislation has been incorporated into planning policies. This means that planning authorities have a legal obligation to consider whether bats are likely to be affected by a proposed development.

They are breaking the Law's in place to build a Leisure centre which is a crime punishable by up to 6 years in prison.

Please see below link to the Bat Survey proving Bat activity in the park and area's they fly which is directly where they plan to build:

The other proposed site for the Leisure centre - Danegrove playing field: ( A disused field nearby)

On the original proposed plans :

The site is also currently under-used due as previously highlighted to its topography, poor drainage
and the availability of better facilities elsewhere. Danegrove Primary School currently makes use
of other recreational space and has indicated that it would have no objections in principle to the
site being brought forward for enhanced sports and leisure facilities which it would also be keen
to use.

So why use a site that is high in Bat activity and other protected species such as Owls, Hedgehogs, Wrens and Robins?


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