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Save the Beech Hedge Avenue at Field Road

Save the Beech Hedge Avenue at Field Road

Please don't destroy this iconic, historical beech hedge avenue that has been part of the community for generations. It is home to protected species and a local biodiversity hot-spot. Developers should respect the local natural heritage, give space to existing habitats and not destroy biodiversity for over developing sites for profit.

Why is this important?

For generations this beautiful beech hedge avenue has been a living icon in the community, home to protected species of bats, dormice and birds and enhances local biodiversity, bringing joy and wellbeing to local people. It has historical relevance to the community and most importantly is an established habitat to a variety of protected species. It enhances the health and wellbeing of local people and improves the air quality from road pollution. The local people want the hedge to remain and not be destroyed and continue to be a home for the wildlife that rely on this established beech avenue. This is the last wildlife corridor in the local area and should be retained.

Huish Episcopi

Reasons for signing

  • Because the Hedge has been there for so many years, and it would look good if kept tidy when all those Houses are built instead of one massage field of just Houses!!
  • To preserve the view from Kelways
  • We need to save a beautiful beech hedge!


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Please do also remember to let the district council planning know your thoughts on the application here and/or contact the district councillor with your views to save the beech hedge from this development email:
Thank you!

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Thank you for supporting this petition - we've made over 100 signatures. Please keep sharing via social media, email and ask your neighbours to sign. Do also give your views on this development planning application submitted by Persimmon Homes by going to the Comments tab on
Thank you! We must give nature a voice.

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